About Us


Welcome to Kendall's Kandles, where we're illuminating the world one recycled candle at a time! We're a woman-owned business that's all about sustainability and style. Founded in November of 2021, Kendall's Kandles is Charleston's original decorative candle business and is taking the Holy City by storm. 

At Kendall's Kandles, we take discarded candle wax and transform it into something truly magical. Our small batch production in Charleston, SC allows us to carefully craft each candle with love and attention to detail. (And maybe a little bit of candle-making magic, too.)

We are featured in 11+ stores across the Charleston area, as well as a couple of stores in Texas and Florida. Along with our storefront locations which are available to shop at 7 days a week, we also pop up our little store all around the Holy City, including markets such as Picker's Hullabaloo and Feminist Magic Market. 

When you purchase a candle from Kendall's Kandles, you're not just getting a beautiful piece of decor. You're also supporting a female entrepeneur that's dedicated to reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment. (And that's pretty darn cool, if you ask us.)

So go ahead, light up your life with Kendall's Kandles. We're here to brighten your space and bring a little extra sparkle to your day. (And maybe even make your friends a little jealous of your stylish candle collection.)

Thank you for joining us on this illuminating journey. Together, we can make the world a brighter, more sustainable place, one candle at a time.

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