Sustainably Made - Kendall's Kandles

Sustainably Made

Have you ever wondered how Kendall's Kandles are made? Well, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of candle production! (Don't worry, it's not as hot as it sounds.)

What's the Wax?

Kendall partners with local photographers, florists, and churches to reclaim their old candles that would otherwise be thrown away. Kendall cleans off these candles and melts them down to create wax chunks. Kendall takes these chunks and mixes them with locally sourced soy wax to create a soft, eco-friendly candle. Mother Earth approves!

Kandle Supplies

Kendall tries to avoid buying anything new, and purchases almost all of her candle making supplies through Facebook marketplace, in order to limit her waste.


Kendall reuses boxes, bubble wrap, and any other packaging she can find. Your candles may not come in aesthetically pleasing wrapping, but each purchase is carbon neutral and mother earth approved.


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